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(here are the reviewers: spelling worts and all!)

“The book is not like anything I’ve ever read! It’s an intense story filled with action, battles, magic, fantasy, love, and dramatic events -I wasn’t able to put it down!!!! The book brings out all emotions, -happiness, rejection, love, affection, anger, and the will to stand up for what you believe in and to stand together as one. This book shows that when you ignore your differences and stand together you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Take it from me, you have to read this book to see what I’m talking about! It truly is amazing! – like I said, its not like nothing I’ve read before! I absolutely loved it!!!”   Chase Mclane, 13-year-old girl, from Bozeman, MT

I loved the book! It was awesome – it had a lot of action. An it seemed like real-life not fantasy or some kind of fairy tail except for the fact that the characters are Auralings (a magic being with a ‘aura color’ that surrounds their body) one example is they had some bullies at school and they picked on Norman because he was different – he had no aura color. It’s for both boys and girls – the Auralings are like Tinkerbelle but its like the color of their aura showed their talent. It was extremely hard to put down and the point is- I loved it and I hope you too can enjoy it as much as I did! “ Chance Mclane, 10-year-old boy, from Bozeman Montana.


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