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CRYSTALS & CODES (Auraling Book 1)

In the mythical land of Pangola, an ancient book, the SACRED ORDER OF THE CRYSTALS, foretells ofan Auraling of no color will be born in the Reign III, and in Year 215, will ascend to become the next Keeper of the Records.’

Fifteen-year-old Norman is an outcast in a race of Auralings, who are designated at birth into an apprenticeship based on the color of their aura encircling their bodies. Having no aura, Norman is a disgrace to his parents, bullied at school, and humiliated by the villagers.

He runs away from home and meets Lady Grace of Graceheart Castle, who helps him develop his own aura powers as he learns the ‘old ways’ of crystal magic. The Lady teams him with four other young Auralings, each with their own unique aura, to embark on a quest to decipher the secret codes of the ancients.

Can they break the codes in time to learn the date of the invasion by the alien Subina warriors? Will Norman be able to rally their nation to stand together and fight to protect their life-giving sacred crystals? Or will their fate lead to complete annihilation?

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