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Q: Tell us about your characters in your book? What is an aura?

A: An Aura (awr-uh) is a color of atmospheric energy that can be seen emanating around the body of a newborn Auraling. This aura disappears as that child becomes an adult. The powers of their auras are enhanced by using the energy of the sacred crystals (as in a crystal necklace) along with magical spells. The color of aura indicates the natural talents Auralings were born with.

Auralings are a race of people born with an aura encircling their bodies. The population resides mainly in the Pangola village of Many Springs. They resemble human beings but with a colored aura indicating their natural-born talents.

The Characters: Aura Team (name with color of magical talents):
1. Norman (nor-muh-n) White (or iridescent ‘no color’) – A Scientist, an outcast in the village, and an embarrassment to his parents. He learns to channel all auras into a powerful grid as the new Keeper of the Records.
2. Barich (bear-ich) Red – Able to communicate with animals, is an orphan raised by his aunt & uncle, and is a horse-master apprentice and excellent horseman.
3. Lilly (lil-e) Blue – A healer apprentice learning the properties of herbs, plants and crystals for treating wounds. She is the main money maker and care giving for her ailing parents and siblings.
4. Jayder (jay-der) Green – A ‘Forest Ruler’ or tracker (camouflage), is a bully at school, and he’s abused at home by his parents.
5. Velvet (vel-vit) Yellow – A creative artist with sewing (fibers), is blind (lost her vision due to an accident), and lives alone in a cottage behind the dress shop.

Q: You have a lot of hidden meanings in your writing, will you explain some of them?

A: First – all Auralings are born with an aura (or their God-given talents – similar to what I feel we humans born with), and as Auralings grow into adulthood, they lose their aura because they don’t believe in the “old ways of magic” anymore, much they way humans waste their talents and childhood dreams as we get caught in the “Adult” mindset of the world.

Second – I feel we take our energy, our natural resources, for granted, just as the Auralings waste crystal energy and assume the resource will always be there from them whenever they demand it. We must conserve and protect…

Third – on earth, I believe all races need to work together for the greater good of the planet. In my story, the Auralings, Dwarflings, and Greylings discover that they have to work together in order to defeat the alien intruders, the Subina warriors. They embrace their differences and come together.

Fourth – there is enough negativity and suffering going on in our world, and in the mythical land of Pangola, it’s no different. Each of my characters know all too well how it feels to be judged, to be labeled, and to not belong. (Norman is a misfit, an outcast both at home and in society. Barich is an orphan. Lilly is the money earner and caretaker of her family at age 15. Jayder is severely abused and whipped by his parents. Velvet lost her parents in an accident that left her blind.) I believe everyone wants and needs to be accepted, encouraged, and loved – it’s what brings people together!


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BOOK REVIEW by Karen Stevens on Crystals & Codes on Amazon.com!

“When the stars foretell the long-feared return of the evil Subina warriors, the Keeper of the Records knows her reign will soon end. She must find someone who can take her place to battle the invaders. But who? She chooses five teens to defend the land of Pangola.

They are unlikely partners: Jaydar, the school bully; Lili, caretaker for her family, Velvet, blinded in an accident; horse-loving Barich, and Norman, barely tolerated by his parents because he was born without an aura. Together, the youngsters must solve a mysterious code, embark on a perilous quest, and learn to use their magical talents if they are to become a team that can defeat the fearsome Subina warrior-mages. The ending is a cliffhanger, leaving readers waiting eagerly for the second book in the series.

First-time author Berst has created a world of magic and deadly danger that will appeal to readers from grade school to adults. She weaves a heartwarming tale of five teens who learn to overcome their differences to become true friends.”

Thanks, Karen Stevens, Author & Editor

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