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BOOK REVIEW by Karen Stevens on Crystals & Codes on Amazon.com!

“When the stars foretell the long-feared return of the evil Subina warriors, the Keeper of the Records knows her reign will soon end. She must find someone who can take her place to battle the invaders. But who? She chooses five teens to defend the land of Pangola.

They are unlikely partners: Jaydar, the school bully; Lili, caretaker for her family, Velvet, blinded in an accident; horse-loving Barich, and Norman, barely tolerated by his parents because he was born without an aura. Together, the youngsters must solve a mysterious code, embark on a perilous quest, and learn to use their magical talents if they are to become a team that can defeat the fearsome Subina warrior-mages. The ending is a cliffhanger, leaving readers waiting eagerly for the second book in the series.

First-time author Berst has created a world of magic and deadly danger that will appeal to readers from grade school to adults. She weaves a heartwarming tale of five teens who learn to overcome their differences to become true friends.”

Thanks, Karen Stevens, Author & Editor


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